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The Mobile Experience Center allows you to showcase your credit union’s mobile app offerings, as well as other recommended apps, from within online banking and on your credit union website. The MXC includes 3 “shelves”, your featured shelf can have 4 mobile apps, and the suggested and recommended shelves can have as many mobile apps as you would like, with links to the Apple or Google Play stores.

Enable the MXC inside It’s Me 247 Online Banking and if your meet the requirements below, we can also add it to your website.

View your current MXC

Note:  Your MXC will only have It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking until you add other mobile experiences to it.  Need ideas?  Contact the IRSC to hear what your peers are using.

Add as many MXC Experiences as you want!

  • Here’s how to add Experiences to your MXC
    Simply provide the IRSC the URLs for each Experience (app stores or mobile websites) you wish to add to your MXC.
  • IRSC Account Execs will gather the necessary information from these sources to use in your MXC.
  • If you’d rather craft your own custom content – you can! When placing your order simply provide any custom content you wish to add.
    • Note, you will be required to submit an icon, 1-4 screenshots and a text description of your Experience.  See below for specifications.


Once you’ve set up your Mobile Experience Center, add mobile websites and other apps to it.

Want to add the Mobile Experience Center to your website?

We can do that, on the following conditions

  1. You must be hosting your website with CU*Answers Web Services
  2. Your website must be using WordPress
  3. Your WordPress website must have the Web Services SiteControl Plugin enabled and configured (it almost always is if you host with us.)

What are the shelves of the MXC?

The MXC includes 3 “shelves.”

  1. Featured shelf contains up to 4 experiences.  These experiences must be specific to your credit union.  These experiences will automatically rotate.
  2. Exclusive shelf experiences must be credit union related.  If you have more than 5 experiences on this shelf, it will scroll horizontally.
  3. Recommended shelf experiences could be anything your members might be interested in.  Local events, sports teams or other Internet and web utilities.  The sky is the limit here.  Again, if you have more than 5 experiences on this shelf, it will scroll horizontally.

Providing Custom Content

If you choose to provide your crafted custom content you will be required to provide your own icons, screenshots and description for each mobile experience. An IRSC Account Executive will be contacting you to collect this information. You will need provide:

  1. Icon image
    1. limited to one icon
    2. PNG format
    3. 72 DPI
    4. 94 x 94 pixels
  2. Screenshots
    1. At least 1 and no more than 4 images
    2. PNG format
    3. 72 DPI
    4. 250 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall
  3. A text description
    1. Your description must be no longer than 1000 characters, including spaces

Alternatively, an IRSC Account Executive can collect this required information from the existing App Stores URLs you provide.


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