Marketing Club


Reward your members participation in products and services you offer with a very customizable program. With a CU*BASE Marketing Club, the system will automatically monitor the member’s eligibility to receive additional perks at the credit union! CU*BASE offers qualified clubs and guaranteed clubs. If necessary, the system will revoke the special rewards/benefits associated with the club if the member is no longer eligible according to club rules.

Additional information

  • Reward your members further that use self-service electronic products – give them unlimited online banking/audio banking logins with no fee
  • Be competitive by waiving check printing related fees for your members – waive cashier’s check fee created by tellers and MSR’s
  • Your members can earn more dividends with the share rate benefit deviation – configure benefit rate deviation based on a minimum balance
  • Give your members a higher CD rate deviation – an additional benefit dividend on top of their monthly dividend
  • Give your members a higher CD renewal rate automatically at the time of renewal
  • Your members can earn lower loan rates by enrolling in certain loan categories – configure a rate deviation on multiple loan categories based on accounts opened between a certain date range
  • Pay your members a rebate for having an AFT loan payment – reward members with fee waivers, etc. just for having an AFT
  • Pay your members a rebate for having an ACH loan payment – reward members with fee waivers, etc. just for paying their loan via ACH
  • Waive your members printed statement fees with a marketing club – members that do not want e-statements can still be eligible to get their paper statement fee waived in this type of club
  • Waive incoming or outgoing A2A fees for members that frequently send and receive A2A transfers

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