As introduced during the 2018 Leadership Conference, CU*Answers wants to work with credit union leaders to design the next generation of teller tools!  The evolution of credit union tactics for lobby services requires us to look beyond a single teller system – our goal is to develop three distinct teller platforms, each with independent approaches:

  • Soup-to-Nuts (S2N): The next generation of our existing comprehensive teller platform.
  • Basic (KISS): Across-the-counter teller tool, streamlined and simplified for today’s teller lines.
  • Floating (Tablet): App for roving tellers, API-based to also support integrations to third-party teller platforms.

Enter your ideas for your chance to win up to $30,000 in prize money!*  We are just shy of the total number of submissions needed to award this money, so be sure to get your submissions in ASAP!

*Please remember that for anyone to win, CU*Answers must receive at least 5 submissions for each platform.  That means if we only get ideas for platform 2, no prize money will be awarded.  So encourage your friends and network colleagues to participate!  We will accept multiple submissions from the same credit union, too.

For a full list of contest rules, click here.  For additional information, visit the Kitchen page.