Help and Documentation

2020-07-21 calculator app

It would be nice to have a calculator app that had a basic calculator, then ones for mortgage, auto, etc.  

2020-06-26 Interest rate risk analysis of loans

There is a tool in CU*Base that basically shows you an analysis of what the risk would be to raise or lower your dividend rate for all products. It would be nice if we had an interest rate risk analysis of loans. It would work the same way but one enhancement is the program would scrape the web for FRB, WSJ Prime Rate, COFI historical rates that would influence the variable rate loans and other types of loans. A lot of companies will pay thousands of dollars to a company outside that can provide an interest rate analysis. It would be nice if we could sell something to cut into that market share.  

2020-06-24 Have ability to 'Quit' NAVs through a right click on the task

I would like to see the ability to ‘Quit’ NAVs through a right click on the task displayed in my task bar- versus having to navigate through task manager and selecting End Task.There are many times that I don’t need to have NAVs open.

2020-06-23 Have all items from AnswerBook in NAVS

Have all items from AnswerBook in NAVS and make searching within AnswerBook faster.

2020-06-18 see peer-to-peer rates

In CU*Base, clients can look in our network to see peer-to-peer rates at other institutions. What if we had an app that scrapped the web pages of various CU’s and banks that are not in network for their rates in a given community or area. This would be both for loan rates and dividend rates.