Earlier this month, we reviewed topics that were discussed at the November CEO Strategic Developers Boot Camp, including our plans for teller platform development in 2019.  If you missed out on either of these webinars, video recordings are now available – check them out below.  Or, for additional information on this project, visit the Kitchen on the CU*Answers website.

Teller 3P Project Webinar: T3 (Floating/API Integrations) Status Update

We discuss the latest details on our Floating-API Integration solutions, including apps for tellers who are on the go at their respective branch locations.  These solutions are API-based, allowing better support integrations for third-party teller platforms.

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Teller 3P Project Webinar: T2 (KISS) Status Update

We discuss the current status of and future plans for our T2 solution, known as ‘KISS’ or ‘Express Teller’ – an across-the-counter tool that is streamlined for today’s teller lines.

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