Leslie Johnson - Vice Chairman

Leslie Johnson - Vice Chairman



Leslie started in the banking industry in 1988 for Yakima Valley Bank as a teller.  In one year there, she held several different positions, back up mortgage loan teller, insurance clerk and drive up teller.  In July 1989, Leslie was hired on at CALCOE FCU as a teller, loan processor, and assistant to the manager.  She graduated from Western CUNA Management school in 1998.  In June of 2000 she was hired to replace the retiring manager.  Leslie holds a bachelors degree in business from Central WA University.  She has held the position of treasurer for the Yakima Valley Chapter on and off for 13 or so years.  Leslie is active with local managers meetings and spearheaded a community school supply drive for 4000 kids in her community.  The project originated in 1991 and for the 1st 10 years, she organized the majority of the great event.

Leslie loves the outdoors including farming, boating, RV’ing and traveling.  She is married with two step-daughters and one grand-daughter.


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