You can hardly go anywhere today without hearing about database management, warehousing, and mining.  What do these terms mean, and how do credit union employees participate in these new concepts?  CU*BASE Report Builder uses the IBM program called Query, a powerful, flexible tool for mining data from your CU*BASE member data.

Join us on Wednesday March 4th to learn about CU*BASE Report Builder, presented via two separate webinars!

Report Builder 1

This first class will cover pre-defined inquiry options found throughout the CU*BASE menu system and outline the steps to create a very simple custom report.  The concepts covered in this class are used in many CU*BASE products, from teller auditing to cash management and general member inquiries – when your credit union’s internal training staff has a greater understanding of these topics, they can help foster your employees’ skill sets and everyday use of CU*BASE.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT

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Report Builder 2

This second class will build on the basics learned in Report Builder 1, and will cover all features commonly used with the CU*BASE database structure.  Report Builder gives you the power to take control of one of your most valuable assets — data — and get exactly the analysis you need from your CU*BASE data files!

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM PT

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