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Each month, Xtend offers FREE webinars focused on lending, marketing, and member service; these engaging webinars provide credit unions with helpful products, services, and industry tips to give them the leading edge.


Tuesday, March 10

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PT

Business Texting for Credit Unions Webinar

Two-way texting for Credit Unions is powered by Zipwhip making things convenient and personable for your members by text-enabling your existing landline. This powerful communication tool is beneficial to both your members and your staff when trying to assist with many member needs. Your members will be able to text things like “HOURS” and automatically receive your pre-configured response, putting YOU in control. Other options include applying for loans via an online loan application (if your credit union provides a mobile-friendly option).

You can test it for yourself to experience how easy it is – text “PRICING” to (866) 981-4983 and receive an automatic reply in seconds!


Wednesday, March 11

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PT

Xtend Data Analytics Webinar

Building and executing effective services starts and ends with data. Xtend Data Analytics dives deeper into your membership and their behaviors to improve the way credit unions are communicating with their members. Whether it’s evaluating your phone services, the members that hold your credit card, or a recent marketing effort, our Data Analytics department strives to find you answers to your everyday questions, and pose more advantageous inquiries regarding your member comprehension.