A credit union can invest in technology, write comprehensive contingency plans, and check all of the compliance boxes – but if effective response and recovery is not part of regular day-to-day activities, business disruptions can catch you by surprise, last longer than they should, and increase the level of frustration for you, your staff and your members.

The experienced Business Continuity team at CU*Answers can help you design and implement an ongoing awareness and training program that prepares your staff to promptly and effectively respond to unexpected disruptive events.  A certified Business Continuity professional will work with your team from start to finish to:

  • Assess your current Awareness and Training program to identify any gaps in the level of preparedness.
  • Identify the team and determine the goals and objectives of the program.
  • Develop the roadmap and schedule of activities for improving preparedness.
  • Design and provide a kick-off presentation to educate staff on emergency and recovery procedures and introduce the plan and program.
  • Provide recommendations and content for program educational materials.
  • Facilitate a tabletop exercise with your response team for additional training (optional).
  • Document the plan and program in a report that can be presented to your Board of Directors.

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