Greetings from the Asterisk Intelligence Team!  Did you know that you can find members who are receiving unemployment deposits? Unemployment claims are at a historic level across our country and you need to know details of the impact on your membership. Find these members – You can know who is dealing with financial disruption and needs connection to resources.

Identify Memberships Receiving Unemployment Benefits

Use Tool #100 Report Builder (Query) to build a custom report which organizes the transaction data into a member-level list of those who have received at least one unemployment deposit. Query writers = the details you need to get started are here.

Once you have a list of members, with CU*BASE tools it’s simple to link in more data (such as their name or phone number), or to begin analyzing, tracking, and messaging these members. Contact us if you’re looking for tips or help!

Analyze Unemployment Deposit Transactions

Use Tool #1220 Activity Validation Dashboard to analyze transaction activity month-over-month, focusing on ACH deposits. Specifically focus the search on ACH deposits by setting filters of Origin = 11 and Tran Code/Type = 1218 and 3218. Play with different time-frame comparisons and drill down to the full list of depositors to see what companies or institutions have cut payroll deposits.

Good luck!

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