What is the busiest time of day, per branch?  What were my staffing levels at those times? How many people are coming to me for shared branching support?  How has the timing and volume of member visits changed during the COVID-19 response?  What portion of my membership is coming to a branch each month, historically and now?  Do these members use self-services and to what level?

Evaluating the operational aspects of your branch traffic plus demographics of members who visit your teller line can provide reliable data that helps support tactical or strategic decisions.  Follow along with our analysts from Asterisk Intelligence as they review the resources and strategies they recommend for analyzing your pipeline of loan applications.

You have questions, your data holds the answers.  There are thousands of facts available about your credit union, and simple tools to find them.  Join us as we prove the value your data can bring to your operations.

Thursday, June 11

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT

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