How many applications does it take to book a loan?  What is the credit quality of recent applications?  How has COVID-19 affected the number or amount of applications I am receiving?  Who is the most productive underwriter?  The least?  Which branch is booking the most loans?  The least?  What age groups are applying for the product targeted in the recent loan promotion?

Evaluating the operational aspects of your application queue plus demographics of the applicants can provide a well-rounded view of the lending opportunities you are fielding, both recently and historically.  Follow along with our analysts from Asterisk Intelligence as they review the resources and strategies they recommend for analyzing your pipeline of loan applications.

You have questions, your data holds the answers.  There are thousands of facts available about your credit union, and simple tools to find them.  Join us as we prove the value your data can bring to your operations.

Thursday, May 21

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT

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