Don’t forget: Imaging Solutions, in partnership with Mobile Technologies Group and eDOC Innovations, will be bringing a new eSign experience for your members!  Starting tomorrow, May 27th, the following enhancements will be available as part of eDOCSignature both online and via mobile:

  • A cleaner, more intuitive interface.
  • As before, members can still receive email notifications to facilitate signing or they can receive notifications by logging into It’s Me 247 online banking and sign in our virtual closing room.
  • New document review step to allow the member to review their documents before being asked to sign. Familiar zoom controls and on-screen instructions will help guide members through the process.
  • Only one step is required to adopt a signature!  Members can see how the signature will look on the finished document before signing and can optionally review terms and conditions.
  • Once the process is completed, members can download PDFs of the signed documents.

These modern updates present an eSign experience that is unlike anything else on the market – a clearer, cleaner and more polished experience that reflects the way that members are now interacting with signing documents!  Interested in checking out the new look and feel today?  Click here for a visual overview!