Effective 10/1/19, the monthly fee for Analytics Booth will increase to $100.00.  This price increase, which was previously announced at the 2019 Leadership Conference, will support the growing infrastructure of the Analytics Booth applications.

Analytics Booth is an analytical toolkit that provides the following services to credit unions:

  • Analytics Booth Trends
  • Analytics Booth Alerts
  • Analytics Booth Dashboards
  • Analytics Booth Static Pool Analysis
  • CU*BASE Web Dashboards
  • CU*BASE Powerlines
  • Coming in 2020: Daily Operation Report Dashboards

Interested in learning more about the Analytics Booth toolkit?  Reach out to the Asterisk Intelligence team at: ai@cuanwers.com.

Ready to purchase?  Visit the Asterisk Intelligence store!

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Remember: maintaining your subscription to Analytics Booth will prevent any gaps or purges in the trend data we have stored for your credit union.  Keep your data consistent by renewing your subscription on a monthly basis!

Look forward to more Prove It strategies from the Asterisk Intelligence team in 2020 and beyond!