Payveris is adding an extra layer of security to the Payment Application Support System, commonly referred to as PASS.  Beginning in 2020, PASS will only be accessible from an explicitly whitelisted I.P. address.  In an effort to ensure a smooth transition, Payveris is requesting that an authorized representative from your credit union provide a list of IP addresses used to access the service.

What you need to do – ACTION REQUIRED

Please provide the IP address(es) from your financial institution’s locations that are used to access PASS by following the link below and completing the Client IP Address Collection Form on the CU*Answers store.  Please submit your IP addresses ASAP.

If you need help finding your IP address, please contact your financial institution’s technical support.  Alternatively, Network Services states they can open up command prompt and type in “ipconfig” then hit enter and look for the IPv4 address on each PC.

What happens next?

Once your IP addresses have been whitelisted, Payveris will send you another email (approximately 6 weeks from submission).  That email will provide a link to a website.  If you can access the website, it means that the process has been completed!  If not, please contact the SettleMINT EFT team.

The IP whitelist will be applied on 1/1/2020, at which time only whitelisted IP addresses will be able to access the production PASS application.


What if we have staff working from home?

  • In order to access PASS, staff must first VPN into your financial institution.
  • If access without a VPN is required, please contact SettleMINT EFT.

What if I don’t provide our IP address?

  • Beginning 1/1/2020, staff will no longer be able to access the PASS application until your IP addresses are explicitly whitelisted.