Save time, simplify your work, and stop typing your dates in both the YYMMDD and MMDDYY layouts each time you run a query over the File Maintenance data. The original Maintenance Date field of MNTDAT will naturally have dates in both layouts, which is friendliest for optimal processing by the programs that write out the maintenance records. But, having both layouts adds complexity to data mining for your report-writing and analysis projects.

Adjust your queries to instead use a different date field available in the File Maintenance data (CUFMAINT in FILExx). This one standardizes the layout and is defined as an ISO date field so that calculations and custom fields can be used with this date:

Activity Date – MNLSTUPDDT

Instead of setting up your date filters like this: MNTDAT equals a value in the list 052819 190528

Change it to use this instead: MNLSTUPDDT equal to2019-05-28’

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