24/7 Processing

CU*NorthWest Announces 24/7 Processing

CU*NorthWest will be moving to 7 day a week processing on Sunday, June 9, 2019. 7 day processing means that you have the option of allowing CU*BASE to process on your behalf on Sundays, seven days a week instead of six. Advantages of going to Sunday processing include allowing your credit union to stay current with how your members do business, collecting data every day and processing transactions exactly when your members expect.

Credit unions have until Friday, May 31, 2019 to sign up for this processing. If you opt not sign up for this, please be aware that there will be a $100.00/month deviated processing fee for your credit union. This is the first step in aligning with the Federal Reserve Bank to implement on-demand ACH processing.

Attached are 3 forms that provide additional information on how this move will impact your credit union