As you know, when the 20.04 release was implemented last weekend we encountered some unanticipated issues and were forced to remove a couple of the projects in the release temporarily so we could address them.

We have made the necessary adjustments that we believe will correct the issue that was closing slow response times, and are now ready to roll out the changes again to credit unions. (This included the new Private Contacts feature as well as the enhancements to CFS investments, both It’s Me 247 online/mobile banking features.)

The plan is to move the changes in to a small group of credit unions on Monday (May 4), followed by another group on Tuesday (May 5), and then all remaining CUs on Wednesday (May 6).  This will allow us to more easily monitor system performance and make adjustments along the way, if needed.

NOTE: If your credit union is slated to go on either Monday or Tuesday, you will receive a separate email and contact from a CSR.  Otherwise your CU will receive the changes on Wednesday morning.

Changes will be implemented early in the morning (starting at approx. 3:40 AM PT).  We expect the system to be offline for only about 5 minutes while we make the changes. Given that short timeframe, we won’t be displaying a splash page to members.

We will be monitoring system performance and already have a plan in place in case we encounter any unforeseen difficulties.  We appreciate your cooperation and of course, please contact a CSR if you have questions or notice any issues with how online or mobile banking are performing.